Monday, August 31, 2009

Yeah - top gear is back

A simple message tonight - Top Gear is back on the tele tonight in Australia. The first episode of series thirteen - my god can you believe that, a simple show about a couple of blokes and cars and its made it to series 13. That is amazing.

But it is, after a great show.

Why, because its not only about cars, but because its about guys and cars and guys having a good time in cars. And thats its real secret, they dont just make you want the cars, they make you want to be with them with these great cars and thats why you watch the show.

Yes Jeremy is a git, Hammond can be a pain and May - well I reakon he's great - but he can also be a snob. But its doesnt matter, they would still be the cool kids that you wanted to hang with even if they were gits, chavs and snobs.

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