Monday, August 17, 2009

The importance of a free society

I hate Kyle Sandilands and everything he stands for, which appears to be the glory of standing for nothing. I think the world would be a better place if he vanished into obscurity and was never heard from again.

But I dont believe he should be sacked - yet.

And I absolutely dont believe he should be taken off the air by some sort of government agency.

The beauty of a free society is that the same freedoms that give us The Chaser at one end of the spectrum and Four Corners at the other unfortunately mean that we are stuck with cretins like Sandilands. In a rare thing I actually find myself agreeing with David Penberthy of the Australian when he calls for Kyle to be allowed to keep his job.

I dont want the radio station that employs Sandilands to take action! I dont want the Government to take action! I want us to take action! I want us, the people, the masses, the citizens to say that there are standards and we care about something even if he doesnt. And the action I want us to take is very simple, I'd like people to simply turn off. I want people to simply walk away from Sandilands and leave him to wallow alone.

I suspect it wont happen, I suspect that there are enough cretins to listen to him that he will stay famous. But I so hope I'm wrong.

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