Saturday, August 22, 2009

Graham Polak to play for Richmond again - thats a great story

About a year ago a Richmond player, Graham Polak, was hit by a tram while attempting to cross the road. He suffered very extensive head injuries and for some time was expected to die. When it became plain that he was likely to survive it was still considered virtually certain that he would never play AFL again. While Richmond kept him on the list it was generally considered this was really little more than a gesture.

And yet, this evening Graham Polak is expected to run out to represent Richmond again at the highest level in a match against Hawthorn.

I dont know about others, but for me this represents everything I love about AFL. The courage to play, the dedication of clubs to their players, the passion of the supporters. So have a great game tonight Graham, play it hard, show us you can still do it and get ready to be part of a new Tigers outfit in 2010.

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