Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've written in my other blog about the curse of the interest phrase IMHO. I hate this phrase. Actually its not the phrase so much as the attitude that says "because its my opinion it requires no justification and cannot be challenged". Well that's bullshit.

In 99% of cases opinions aren't pure aesthetic choices like "I prefer blue" they are instead simply assessment that people aren't able to back up with any evidence or even a modicum of logic. A classic is something like ergonomics. People say crap like "a dial is better than a button" and when pressed as to why they say something stupid like "well its my opinion" as if that means there's nothing else to say.

Well I've had enough and I'm going to start my one man crusade against the dreaded curse of IMHO right now. If you are with me buy a shirt. I know this is pretty rough but its going to be the first in a series on the topic.

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  1. So Pete, why are you against IMHO? What, in your opinion, is wrong with having no logical argument to back up a preference? Did you sit down a write multiple lists of pros and cons for your favourite football team selection?