Friday, August 21, 2009

Things Australia could learn from the USA - Left hand turns at red lights

So a new theme I will develop and return to every now and again. The theme is simple, having lived in the US for a couple of years I discovered a huge range of things we can learn from them, some good ideas we should adopt and a few bad ideas we should avoid.

In the main I loved living in the US so I'll try and keep this theme positive and focus on the good ideas.

So good idea number one that we can learn from? In the US its legal to turn right (remembering they drive on the wrong side of the road - ie the right) at a red light after stopping. This is a wonderful rule. Traffic moves a lot faster, tensions are reduced, its far safer for other drivers and pedestrians and it has no downsides. After having spent two years with this rule, to not have this ability makes absolutely no sense at all.

Make me king of Australia and we'll have the ability to do a left turn at all red lights tomorrow.

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