Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eddie Vedder, Into the Wild - great driving music

Been listening to Eddie Vedder's - Into the Wild cd every morning driving to work this week. Really bad mistake. A long line of discordant, stirring, stirring and ultimately haunting songs questioning the role of greed, the importance of stuff, the glory of the simple and finally the peace of acceptance. A truly horrible soundtrack to have going through your head as you drive through the gates and strap in for another day of working for the man.

But I cant stop listening. I think part of the reason is the timing.

As I drive to work along the banks of the Hunter River in Newcastle, over the Stockton Bridge, and then north through the countryside leading out of Newcastle the sun is just rising in that glorious golden hour. This creates wonderful lines and shadows, imbues ordinarily ugly devices like coal loaders with a magical halo and when all combined with the simple guitars and soulful vocals of Into the Wild I feel transported. I feel like I'm making a journey, I feel that its going to change and be better.

So when I hit the gates of work, yeah I'm brought down a little, but from a point where I was so high it doesnt matter. Soon I'll tire of the album, or the sun will be rising earlier and I'll miss golden hour but either way. I have this time now and I'm loving it.

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