Monday, September 7, 2009

My fight with fat - a personal thread

A slightly different, and pretty personal, thread to start today.

A week or so ago I just felt bad, nothing specific, just kind of off. Anyway, I went to bed, still feeling off and just couldnt sleep. A couple of times through the night I found myself feeling sick, like my stomach was being squeezed and its contents forced back up my throat.

Well I know what was causing it now. I'm fat.

You know, its kind of creeps up on us. I know my clothe's dont fit properly and I know I avoid beaches and things but ultimately I can hide from all that by buying bigger clothes and telling myself I dont really like the beach anyway but this, this I cant escape. When lying down and trying to sleep leaves me feeling ill, well thats pretty hard to avoid.

So what counts as fat then? Well the morning after this night I weighed in at 126.5 Kgs, since I'm 193cm tall, this gives me a BMI of 34. Considering that, as a guide, 25 is healthy, and 30 is obese I'm in trouble.

Since then I've done some things, I've joined Weight Watchers - just the online site and I've tried to start exercising more.

This morning (Monday is my weigh in day) I was 123.5 KGs. So I've lost 3 kilos and I've got to admit I feel a little better for it. That gives ma a BMI of 33.2 so I'm on my way.

So whats the final target?

I'm shooting for a weight of 95kg, thats a BMI of 25.5. I'll take that.

Its often said that dieting is a struggle and I've always found it so. Also, Weight Watchers et al have all suggested that giving yourself 'little' goals and (non food) rewards is a great idea. So whats are my goals?

I'm thinking they are:

119 kg (yay - under the 120 mark) - small goal/reward

111 kg (BMI under 30 - not morbidly obese anymore) - big goal/reward

105 kg (nothing really special here - just half way to the next big goal) - small goal/reward

100 kg (obvious really, a nice round number and weight I first passed when I was 19 years old) - big goal/reward

95 kg (final goal) - small goal/reward (why?????)

95 kg - three months on. Huge goal/reward. The sign I've made it.

So thats it - I figure that if I share this with the world and tie it to a blog I'm committed to keeping and god forbid, get some comments and support, I can keep this going.

I'll keep the blog updated with what I'm doing to lose the weight semi regularly but tune in again each Monday for the latest weight data.

Wish me luck.

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