Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Training Outline

Following on from my last post, so whats the plan?

Well, so far I've basically followed the plans laid out for training in the Joel Friel book Your First Triathlon and Matt Fitzgerald in Racing Weight. These are great books, not only do they provide a great training/eating plan but they also provide a broader perspective which allows you the ability to modify the plans they give you to fit into your life. I'm still using the Matt Fitzgerald book but I need more than Friels first tri tome. I have Joel Friels follow-up, The Triathletes Training Bible and while its certainly given me even more info that I've built into a training program I've tried to build a comprehensive program but keep getting caught up into much detail and falling in a heap.

But just as I was wondeering what direction to take one of the magazines I subscribe to, 220 triathlon, came to the rescue in their dec 2011 edition. They provided a 20 week traing program for rookies preparing for their first ironman. Given im a rookie and im preparing for a half ironman in about 23 weeks well it seemed close enough for government work and im using it as the basis of my training moving forward.

So, I have the beginnings of a program, what other rules will I apply? In short I have the following.

1. Program starts on sunday 15 jan.

2. There are 9 'core' sessions a week (3 run, 3 swim, 3 ride).

3. I may replace 1 core session a week with gym work. I may add 1 extra session a week in the gym.

4. Try to not run two days in a row.

5. A ride to and from work equals ONE ride session.

6. I will program a forth ride session but may drop 1 session without a catchup required.

Also, there is another consideration. For the next two years I will we commuting between melbourne (where I work during the week) and newcastle (where my family will be living). I will generally fly home to newcastle on fridays and return to melbourne on Mondays.

So broadly, this is the plan.

Monday. Rest (possible catchup)

Tuesday. Ride (to and from work), swim.

Wednesday. Ride (to and from work), run.

Thursday. Ride (to and from work), swim.

Friday. Run.

Saturday. Long ride, swim.

Sunday. Long run.

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