Friday, January 13, 2012

A shout out to Felicity

I barely knew Felicity. She worked with my wife as a midwife and was a friend of my wife's not mine. But what I knew was impressive.

As a young indigenous girl growing up in regional Australia her prospects werent good. But despite this she refused to be bound down, to be limited by the expectations of others. She got a job, she studied for her nursing degree, got it, then studied for her midwifery qualifications and got those. By all reports she was an excellent nurse and midwife. Felicity was also an excellent person to work with, while she wasnt my collegue I know I will always be grateful she swapped shifts with my wife on Christmas day giving us a special day to remember. A small gesture but the sort of small thing that reveals good people.

Then Felicity was murdered. Killed by her husband in one of those tragic, stupid, senseless murder/suicides we hear about but which never quite seem real.

Her murderer was everything Felicity was not. Again an indigenous kid growing up where its tough to be that, but this one apparently accepting the norms of society. He had a go at being a sports star but when that didnt work he continued to type taking up drinking, bits and pieces of work, hunting and shooting. He couldnt see worth for himself outside a narrow set of expectations and fatally, couldnt accept that his wife could either.

So he murdered her.

This is so sad for everyone involved, especially Felicity's two daughters, how do you mourn parents when one is murdered by the other? However, if they can be inspired by their mother, and seek to be the best they can be and can keep safe then at least there is hope.

Felicity, I barely knew you but I will miss you.

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