Saturday, January 14, 2012

Competition. A nervous night.

I am anything but a hardened pro at this triathlon lark.  In fact I am only one sleep away competing in just my second ever triathlon.  And this one is totally unlike my first.

That first, wonderful, triathlon was a little club event with about 50 competitors in a sleepy little town just north of Newcastle.  There was no pressure, the officials were able to provide enormous encouragement and patience to this newbie while other competitors were keen to see their new club member enjoy the experience.  Tomorrow will be very different.  The Gatorade series of tri's are big events and it really only struck me today at registration.  Yeah, that was the first surprise, registration the day before the event.  All the stickers, the timing chip, multiple wave starts etc are so different.  And worse, turning up to an event knowing nobody, having no support and just hoping I can muddle my way through is just a little daunting.

In fact it became so daunting I've joined a second tri club.  Is that legal? Dunno but I did it.  So now I belong to Tomaree Tri Club back home in NSW, and Melbourne Tri Club here in, you guessed it, Melbourne.  I picked Melbourne last week purely on the basis that they are big enough to run a support tent at every Gatorade event and help me as I find my feet.  I'm certain that as I get a few of these under my belt and the mystery evaporates it will all be a lot easier but right now I'm glad I'm not alone.

As for the actual racing? To be honest I feel pretty good.  I still havent done near enough swimming but I'm confident I can splash my way through 750m while the ride and run should be pretty routine.  I havent got goal times for anything yet.  My last tri was some months ago and half this distance but since then I've got a lot stronger, fitter and 13kg lighter so while I am feeling confident I dont know enough to even guess at likely/possible times.

Well, wish me luck, tomorrow I promise a race report and some lessons and new goals.

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