Sunday, January 29, 2012

A bad start to the week.

This week was always going to be another tough week for training. However, my apartment should have power, I should get on top of work, internet should be up at home by tuesday etc, so it was getting better.  The proverbial starter's pistol for this new week was to be an 0600 flight to melbourne getting me to work nice and early, post some quick runs, generate some momentum which I could carry through the week.

Well that didnt happen. Instead, I got up at 0300, walked 30 minutes in the rain to catch a 0415 bus to the airport for my 0600 flight only to find when I got to there the flight was cancelled. Not delayed, cancelled, dead, gone for all money, etc.

The airline instead bused us to Sydney, where I arrived at 0930, just in time to be told the earliest flight I could get was 1200.  That will see me at work by 1430.  I have to go, I will have to stay late, that probably means no training today, and another week starts badly.

Check tomorrow to see if I have the will power to push through this.

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