Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being scary in the gym

School holidays, especially when I'm also on holidays is a weird time for exercise. My normal routines are broken and I have to do find exercise where I can.  Today was supposed to be a ride and a run - like I was ever going to find time for that with my wifes and kids expecting time during holidays.

So we went to the gym.

Thats ok, but I have a lot of work to do.    I'm getting fitter so getting my heart rate up means I hit the machines pretty hard pushing quite high resistances and speeds.  What I noticed is that while everyone else was being almost genteel, barely sweating, and watching their videos, checking out their emails etc I was working my arse off.

I also noticed that I made others uncomfortable.  I was sweating like a pig, I was breathing really hard, when I high the hardest point of the 'climb' I was straining to keep pace.  Apparently this isnt how one works out.  A little space opened around me as people on the machines around me jumped ship as soon as they could.  It was really odd.

So right now there are probably all these pretty young things laughing about the funny/scary old man in the gym today.  Ah well, its a cross I can bear.

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