Thursday, December 22, 2011

Triathlon Goals for 2012.

Back in May 2011 I decided to change my life.  I wanted to lose weight and get fit.  Like lots of people in this position this wasn't a new desire, I'd dreamed of being lean and mean for ages but had few ideas of how to make it real.  Triathlon, the idea of competing, the training this required and the lycra it required me to wear all conspired to give me a focus and and framework I had lacked until then and its worked.  In the 7 months since then I've lost 28kg and gone from struggling to run/walk 3ks to routinely running 16+ k's and while the goal I'd once had of averaging 30 kph on the ride to work has become my average speed on a bad day.

So, here we are, approaching 2012 with a pretty successful 2011 behind me and its time to set new goals.  So what will they be?  Well the core of my new goals will be tri based and thats what I'll discuss here:

1.  Finish Sparke Helmore Olympic distance triathlon in Mar 2012.
2.  Finish the Cairns Challenge 2.80.20 half(ish) ironman in Jun 2012.
3.  Finish losing weight - get to 90.0 kgs average (about 10% body fat)
4.  Come up with some other goals for the back half of the year.

Based on 2011 form these should be achievable.  What I need now is a plan.  And I have one!  Buts thats for tomorrow.   

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