Sunday, April 8, 2012

A painful day. My first withdrawal.

Today I will be withdrawing from my 2.80.20 Cairns. I'm not injured, I'm probably fit enough, I've got the essential gear and I could get the time off so what gives? Basically, while I could just about squeeze everything in that's exactly what it would be, a squeeze. My gravel was reduced go getting there as late as possible, leaving virtually as soon as the race finished, going alone with the family staying behind and with none of the little upgrades( some Aero wheels, bar end Shifters etc) I'd promised myself.

So I could do it I just don't want to start my ironmonger experience that way. So rather than half search it I have withdrawn.

But this is a tactical redeployment, not a retreat from ironman distances. Stay tuned for news on my replacement event.


  1. I'm sad to hear this! I would have so loved to been there with you! Rizzo cold have been support crew for us both. I totally understand though.....I am wrestling at the moment with withdrawing from New York IM....Not enough time, underprepared, eternally tired from work and not wanting to make a fool of my self by not finishing when I am going all that way to meet my "partners" family.
    one problem feels like withdrawing is the sam as giving up on fighting the gorilla when I'm tired?

  2. I know what you mean. That said, I must admit my withdrawal isnt a result of feeling unprepared rather what I wanted to be a really special time was turning out to be a hit and run event that was going to take a bunch of leave (and money) but not deliver a lot.

    Still - should have news on the new plan in a day or so.