Monday, April 23, 2012

My ten rules for success, happiness or whatever. Rule 8

The Godfather rule. Its not personal, its strictly business.

Michael Corleone. The Godfather.

Very closely related to rule 7, however, subtly related.  Just as the universe will occasionally, or even often, be indifferent to our ideas of justice or fairness so too we and others might appear to be.  I say 'appear' because sometimes we confuse the context in which we and others make their decisions.  If someone doesnt like our paper, our opinion, our ideas, our products its rarely personal.  Its not us, its just something we thought, wrote, did.  I find remembering that and embracing that very liberating.


  1. Excepting when it's your rules?

  2. No, not really. After all I've amended my rules even as I've been developing the series.

    I think this does become more of an issue when someone is critical of a mans "code" though. I think that would cut closer to the bone. Questioning what a person thinks 'works' is strictly business, questioning what a person thinks is right and wrong, is much more person.