Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My ten rules for success, happiness or whatever. Rule 5

5. The Bourne rule. To change you have to really change your identity otherwise you are still just a fat/unfit/unhappy/unsuccessful person on a diet,exercise program/happiness program/trying harder.

(this is one of my more complex rules and one of my most poorly phrased - more work to go)


  1. Interesting. How far does the Bourne thing go on this one? I think that there is also a parallel on knowing who you really are as well. Are you actually your enemy deep inside? Just thinking.....

  2. Rimlard. Absolutely, this only really works if you know yourself and being realistic in the identity you assume. Ok, so how far does it go? Not sure, I'll write up a personal experience on this rule soon and try and explore this question a bit more.