Monday, September 19, 2011

One week, some disappointment, but triumph

So, one week into my 29 week program and already off plan. I had a simple task this week, just 9 hours training, in a preparation phase so nothing extreme. My plan wasn't difficult, my basic anchor workouts (riding to work and my lunch run/swim bricks) knock over 6.5 hours so a few gym sessions and even a little work on the weekend and I was done.

But I didnt make it to just nine hours - instead I only managed 7:39, what the?

So why the shortfall? First, my bike broke - nothing serious, just a little wheel problem but three days off line and I lost a few training options. Secondly what was supposed to be three hours of swimming because 90 minutes as I simply couldnt get in the pool as much as I wanted to (and my arms gave out as I started training for the first time in 20 years.). But probably worst of all, I had nothing for Saturday and had to take the day off.

But there was an upside. Friday.

Denied my ride, but getting home early I decided to go for a run. A few minutes done and a k and a bit behind me I felt good. So I hit my usual turn point but thought fuck it, I'm feelin good - lets press a little further. So I just kept running. Then I hit the beach and I love running along the beach, so I did. Then I had to come home and well I could run along the beach a bit more so why stop. Finally it was a quick run to home and well...actually then it stopped. I was spent, the joy was gone. But now it became the challenge. I would finish this, I would. So a little prep and off I pushed.

The last bit was a grind, but I made it. So that was that. In the end I ran my first ever 10k. I felt shattered, I hurt all over, I wanted to die. I was in love, this was great. But it cost me training on Saturday.

But you know what? it was worth it. That 10k has pushed my through a barrier. Today I ran (and swam) my work brick harder than ever, felt great and could have gone longer harder except I had to get back to the office. It hurt, and put me behind schedule, but that 10k has pushed me to a place I've never been before and a place I plan to push past.

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