Friday, September 23, 2011

The beauty of running

A while ago the idea of me posting something titled 'the beauty of running' would have been a joke.  At best it would have had to make reference to the notion of me watching other people running.  And yet, here I sit having gone for a quick run this morning and having really enjoyed it.  Not, endured it, not felt it was ok, but I seriously had a good time.

Part of this is because I've lost weight and simply get off on the almost floating sensation I have now.

But this morning the biggest chunk of the fun I had was getting out really early in a place I've lived in before (Canberra) and seeing it in a whole new way.

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This was my run.  From the hotel, and around the bridges in center of Canberra.  Not a huge distance - 8km - and not fast - a tick over 10 kph - but far and fast enough.  But apart from the training benefit it was lovely to see the city this way.  And all it took was a pair of trainers, shorts and a t shirt (and Walkman).  Thats the beauty of this running thing, the lack of stuff needed to make it happen.  That total lack of pissing around required before and after.  For me its get up, throw on clothes, eat half a cereal bar, turn on gps, turn on music and run.  Thats it.  I'm thinking I can keep doing this!

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