Sunday, March 18, 2012

My first big goal done - an Olympic Distance tri

Finished my first olympic distance tri today, I did the Sparke Helmore in Newcastle. Toughest day in the office I've had in my short Tri 'career'. The swim was really sweet, I was worried about the 1500m distance, but it went really nicely.

Unfortunately, it was all horrible after that. A new bike course - now 6 laps of King Edward Park, 6 laps around Fort Scratchley, and so much wind that on the flats I still couldnt get off the small ring up front. Virtually zero time down on the tri bars as the cross winds were so strong it was hard to control the bike, the roads were so wet I tip toed through the decents and spent about a third of the ride in the stand climbing. After this I was wrecked for the run so my only aim was to tough it out and finish running not walking. I made it., it was slow, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my thighs were just dead, but I made it.

This distance at this tri was the goal I set myself in May 2011. To get here I've lost 35kg and done a shit load of work. Frankly I'm feeling sore but pretty good right now.

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