Monday, February 13, 2012

My times from the last event

Well Tomaree was a little quicker processing the times than back in September and I have a little more detail to add to yesterdays post.

My times were:

swim 9:14
ride 44:54
run 31:30
total 1:25:38

Looking at the times my gut feels were pretty right.  I was second out of the water but 6th out of T1.  That hurts.  My ride was solid, but not spectacular, as I thought I pretty much maintained by position, losing grip with the leaders but keeping the guys behind me at bay.  I will admit to being surprised that I lost almost 8 minutes to the leaders on the ride, on the other hand considering I was probably in T2 for about 30+ seconds and a little slow to start this means I was averaging about 30 kph whereas the leaders were riding at 36ish kph.  

Now, 36 kph was near enough to my speed in the Brighton tri but that was a more forgiving course and I was on the Wilier which is, in general, 2-4 kph faster than the Avanti in equivalent conditions.  But, more than anything I think I paid for not knowing my speed or having a target.  I thought that not having the Garmin along wouldnt hurt too much but now I know I was wrong.  KNOWING I need to be doing 35-36 to compete with the leaders and KNOWING my speed doesnt mean I'll magically start hitting a winning speed but it will sure increase the odds.  I am pretty confident that if I can remember to bring the Garmin next time and push to target I'm sure I could hold 32-33 kph.  Now that would that drop me to around 40 minutes for the ride, not winning yet but getting there.

Now the run. It was the disaster I figured it would be.  Now the real problem is that I was running at around 5 minute k's which is as fast as I've ever managed to run.  So in this instance if I want to get better here I've got to change something, because right now I'm hitting a wall.

More on this later.

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