Saturday, August 20, 2011

Training tip. Getting up for a run.

I have always hated running.

Never been big fan of riding either to be honest but recently my riding has picked up as Ive begun riding to work. And it was this that got me thinking, why had my attitude to riding changed and what could I learn from that experience?

What I noticed is that riding became a lot easier when I stopped "going for a ride" and started riding somewhere I wanted or had to be. Whether it was work or the gym or the shops, I actually really enjoyed the experience (even though the ride home from work sometimes leaves me exhausted). So could I apply this to running? Well why not?. Anyway, the ride to my gym is just over three and a half kilometers. A little short for a ride but I thought, you know I could run that.

And I did. And I actually kind of enjoyed it, note that, it wasnt ok, it wasnt "not bad", it was good, I had a good time. I enjoyed it so much that I actually ran home faster (after a strength session) than I ran to the gym.

So, there's a tip. If you find yourself struggling to motivate yourself for that ride or run, try changing your routine so that instead of running or riding a circuit go somewhere (even work).

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